Sunday, April 19, 2020

Weekly Recap - 4/13/2020-4/19/2020

Officially I'm entering 39 weeks of pregnancy. The end is in sight. I certainly have mixed feelings about this. For the last week or so, friends and families have been checking in to see if the baby arrives. Folks are especially concerned because of the COVID-19 pandemic and worried the hospital would be overrun. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case in the hospital I'll deliver at. The only new restriction is they only allow one visitor in the maternity ward (aka my husband), and we can not leave the place after being admitted.

This week again went by fast. I continue to appreciate having a few routine tasks to structure my day. So everyday I:

  • Walk 10,000 steps or exercise to close the Move ring on my apple watch. Most of the walk is done on my treadmill. The weather seems to be either too cold or rainy for an outside stroll. 
  • Read WSJ. I subscribed the the print edition of WSJ using my American Airlines mileage (not that I'll be able to use mileage for travel any time soon...). I was able to download a PDF version on my Surface Pro so I read the newspaper while walking on treadmill. The coverage is mostly on COVID-19 so it gets a little overwhelming sometime. This is my daily dose of news and prevents me from refreshing news sites every hour.
  • Meditate for a few minutes at night. I got into the habit of meditating right after I brush my teeth at night. This behavior is inspired by the book Tiny Habit. According to the author BJ Fogg, there are 3 components to a habit: motivation, ability, and prompt. I interpret prompt as the cue that triggers a behavior. For example, you fasten the seat belt right after getting in the car. It's a powerful yet often underestimated tool for developing habit. So I use "brushing my teeth" as a prompt to develop the meditation habit. I brush my teeth everyday, and I'm usually by myself in the bedroom. So time and place-wise, it's perfect to mediate for a few minutes. Another key point I learned from the book is start small, REALLY small. So I started with one minute of meditation. Eventually I worked up to 8 minutes. Sometimes I only do 5 minutes. But the key is to DO the behavior consistently. Now I'm proud to say I'm on a 20 day streak of meditation!
  • Try to do one different activity to add variety to the day. Yesterday I baked a banana cake. The other day I was making a photo album on Shutterfly's app. Though everyday routine provides structure, variety keeps mind fresh.
  • Read. Right now I'm reading the historic fiction Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It's a thick book of more than 800 pages. The book is so gripping that I'm working through it quickly on my Kindle. The library is closed during the pandemic. I do miss the feeling of real books. But Kindle version is logically the preferred choice for affordability, portability and hygiene reasons...
So that's the weekly recap. An exciting week ahead awaiting. Amid the enormous uncertainty of COVID-19, I'm mostly wondering when the baby is ready to meet the world. It's normal to wonder I guess. I also know I will probably miss all these quiet moments once the baby arrives. 

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