Wednesday, April 8, 2020

37 Week Prenatal Appointment & Random Thoughts

Today I went to my 37 week prenatal check up. Unlike two weeks ago when visitors were still allowed, there was a notice on my doctor's office that only allows the patient herself to go in. So my husband waited for me in the lobby area. It was a quick appointment so it's fine.

At the same time, all providers and staff members are wearing face masks. I'm all for these precautions for the safety of both healthcare workers and patients alike.

Now it's really the countdown. Hospital bags are packed. Doylestown Hospital, where I'll be delivering, still allows the partner in the maternity ward. But he couldn't go in and out. Once we get there, we probably wouldn't be able to leave till the baby gets here. So we decided to pack some extra stuff to bring to the hospital, just in case.

I'm supposed to do the 30mins Machine Learning course right now. But definitely experiencing the afternoon slump so couldn't really focus. So I decided to push that to tomorrow and write this post instead!

I tried to follow a routine everyday but flexibility is always a possibility:)

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