Sunday, March 29, 2020

#ConsumerObsessed Brands during COVID-19

As brand marketers, we talk a lot about consumer-first or consumer obsession. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all brands take a new look at their campaigns and advertising, to ensure they are still relevant. Among some of the brands I use, two of them really stand out for their efforts of customers first: ClassPass and Snoo.

I've been using ClassPass for two years. It allows me to try different studios and workout classes without getting a membership at a particular one. I like the variety and flexibility it offers, even though there are not too many options where I live. Because of my pregnancy, I've already switched to a light plan: 4 new credits per month for $10. 

Even before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, I knew I wouldn't risk going out to classes anymore. So I was wondering what I'm going to do with my account. Before I even take any actions or reach out to their customer service. I got this email from their CEO. The company has offered 1) roll over all unused credits instead of the standard policy of rolling over a maximum 10 credits, 2) the ability to pause the account. 

Both of the measures give tangible, important benefits to its consumers, even before they reach out! Now that is #ConsumerObsessed!
We decided to buy a Snoo for our baby. It's the only splurge we've done so far. Snoo comes with a 30-day free trial and scheduled shipping. Originally, we asked them to ship at the end of March so we'll have time to set it up and be ready before my due date. Last week, we received an email from them:

The email notifies us that they decided to ship the Snoo one week earlier than the scheduled date, to ensure it gets delivered in time due to the current circumstances. It also clearly states that they will not count this one week towards the 30 day free trial period. Again, fantastic customer-centric decisions.

For the last months or so, I received so many emails from brands about COVID-19 updates. ClassPass and Snoo truly stands out for their customer-first approach and excellent execution. Look forward to seeing more brands deliver on their customer-focused mission.

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