Saturday, February 15, 2020

Exploring Deliberate Practice

The word "focus" has been on my mind for a few days. Sometimes I find myself distracted by Apple Watch notifications, iPhone alerts, or any novel distractions while trying to focus on the task at hand. As I think deeper though, this only happens under two circumstances:

1) I became bored with what I was doing. I simply don't find it interesting.
2) I was challenged by what I was doing.

We'll tackle the second scenario at a later time. But getting bored with a task signals I probably wasn't spending my time on the right task - things that add true value and align to my strengths/passion.

This takes me to exploring "deliberate practice" - the concept I discovered from Cal Newport's blog. A few important posts to make note of:

  • Cal Newport introduces the idea of "deliberate practice" in this post. The idea starts with observing the chess experts and how they become grandmasters.
Two big questions on my mind:
  1. In knowledge work field such as marketing and brand management, where no clear structure or success metric exist, how do you deliberate practice, and on what skills? 
  2. The same goes for even soft skills like interpersonal relationship, management skills, and networking skills. How should one approach deliberately practice those, daily?
I took a break from writing this post when a thought crossed my mind. 

At work, I have this digital marketing director that I really admired. She might be a really inspiration for "deliberate practice". She has worked in digital marketing for decades. Since she joined the company a couple years ago, she no doubt has contributed significantly to the digital acceleration of the organization. Her expertise in digital marketing is impressive. Everyday, she will share great articles of digital marketing topics on Workplace. I mean EVERYDAY. It's clear even at her level, she continues to build her marketing knowledge every single day. 

A good role model for deliberate practice in knowledge work field like marketing. 

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