Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Thoughts Inspired by Barre Class

Over the winter holiday, I had the time to take several Pure Barre class. For folks who aren't familiar with Barre exercise, it uses the ballet barre and incorporates movement from ballet. It's a low-impact exercise combing elements from Yoga and Pilates.

Barre is a perfect exercise for me - being 6 months pregnant. Doing it in a group class is fun and more motivating than exercising by yourself.

You'll learn all kinds of jargon at Pure Barre. A popular one is "hold it", meaning staying still in one position (usually with the muscle tighten in certain position). This is usually after you've repeated the same isometric movement multiple times almost to the point of  muscle failure. "Holding it" at this point, is really challenging. But that's when you really strengthen and tone.

This thought came to me while at one of my barre class. In life, similar to barre, "holding" - persevering in something and not changing it up - is so much more difficult, and sometimes downright boring. However, often times that's when real changes and progresses are happening. You just need to focus and hold on a little longer.

Sometimes, we just need to hold on a bit longer.

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