Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019 Winter Holiday Activities - Getting Ready for the New Decade

My husband and I got almost 3 weeks off for winter holiday this year. We decided not to travel far. Instead, I planned out some fun local activities. We were able to accomplish almost all of them and had a fun relaxing time.

1. Visiting Philadelphia Museum of Art

Every Wednesday after 5pm, the museum is pay what you wish. We took advantage of this on a chilly Wednesday night after eating a nice dinner in a nearby Chinatown restaurant.

I haven't been to the museum in several years. It's great to be back. Impressionist Exhibition remains my favorite.

2. Weekend Babymoon in NYC and Meet up With A Friend

My college roommate is attending Columbia. We visited her the week before Christmas and decided to make a weekend out of it in NYC as our babymoon vacation.

We all met in Koreantown in 32nd street and ate at my go-to Korean restaurant: BCD Tofu. Nothing beats hot delicious soup full of flavor on a chilly day. In the afternoon, we walked off the meal by going to the American Museum of Natural History. It's quite packed, probably because it's the holiday season. I'm a huge fan of Friends the TV show so it's great to finally visit Ross' workplace!

The dinosaur exhibition is a must-see. They even have a dinosaur-shaped tree at the front door.

A pleasant surprise during this trip is the hotel we stayed at. I've been on business trip in NY several times. All the hotels I've stayed at are either quite old, or quite small. But the Crown Plaza HY36 in Midtown Manhattan exceeded my expectation. The room is newly renovated, beautifully decorated, so very modern-looking. Staff is friendly. The location is a few minutes walk from Penn Station, yet it's not noisy at night. Overall, a very pleasant stay.

The second day, we went to a Chinese dry hot pot place for lunch - Mala Project. Dry pot is a very popular way of cooking in China. You pick your meat and vegetables, and they sauteed everything in a special spicy sauce. You can choose the level of spiciness to your liking. This type of cooking started getting popular in 2010 right before I came to the U.S. So eating this is reminiscing and reminded me of college time a lot!

3. Christmas Light at Longwood Garden

Our last adventure is visiting Longwood Garden to see the Christmas lights. Even though we happened to visit on a rainy day, it was still very beautiful after dark.

We ate dinner in the cafe and headed outside to enjoy the various lights. A highly recommended activity for the holiday season.

4. Watch Little Women the Movie

I just finished reading Little Women right before the holiday, so excited to hear a new movie came out. The movie turns out to be very good. We're trying to do more things couple could do before the baby comes. And new parents keep telling me:"I haven't been to the movie theater for so long! You have to get a sitter just go out for a movie..." So we're trying to squeeze some movie time before the baby arrives!

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