Friday, June 7, 2019

First Post on the New Microsoft Surface Pro 6

I came home today from a week-long business trip in Orlando. What waited for me was a pleasant surprise - a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 6!

Two weeks ago, I came across the new Microsoft Surface Go and thought it was a nice portable tablet. However, I have a desktop, a Macbook Pro (which my husband uses for leisure primarily) and an iPad Pro at home...There is no hard need for another tablet/laptop. Therefore, even I quite like the Surface series after checking them out in store, I simply couldn't justify the purchase.

I was so happy that Steve bought it as a birthday gift. But at the same time I wasn't sure if I should keep it. It seems extravagant given it's more of a want vs. need. Recalling back in college, my mom bought me an iPod MP3. I used it to listen to English exclusively for 6 months and scored high on TOEFL exam before using the iPod for listening to music at all. justify keeping the Surface Pro, I decided to give blogging another try. It's such a coincidence that I was planning to pick it up anyway. Blogging is a great way to capture and share my thoughts on the books and podcasts I read and listen to.

Let's see how I do!

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